Why I cancelled my Ipsy subscription

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Today, I’m going to tell you why there won’t be any more Ipsy posts. Ipsy Glam Bag is now a $12/monthly subscription that includes 5 deluxe samples inside a makeup bag. They also added the Glam Bag Plus ($25/monthly, 5 full-size products) and the Glam Bag Ultimate ($50/monthly, 12 products).

i was an Ipsy subscriber for a year and maybe a month or two more. At first, I liked getting 5 samples every month for $10. Each Glam Bag had different products every time, I was getting things I would never get by paying full price. I can’t justify spending money on expensive things.

Then, it started the repeat of products or just products that weren’t following the beauty quiz (aka profile). Sample tubes weren’t even half-full. Basically, the standards had dropped and my bag was arriving late (end-of-the-month late) every time.

I started skipping months, when I would come back and pay my $10, it was late again with few products that were actually good. Then they informed they were going to be raising the price. That was the last drop, I wasn’t going to spend $12/monthly on 5 samples that will continue to arrive late and not be true to profile.

So now you know why I stopped doing posts about Ipsy. It wasn’t worth it, for me, ti be writing them so late in the month and continue spending money on samples I didn’t like/work for me.

That’s everything for today, let me (in the comment section) know about other subscription that are worth it.