Covergirl clean matte bb cream-First impression

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As you all should know, bb creams provide light coverage because it’s main purpose is to even out skin tone. The bb cream I’m going to be reviewing today, says to provide enough coverage to even skin tone, hide blemishes and keep the shine away.  Is oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin, lasts all day and won’t clog pores.  Retails around $7 to $8, depending where you buy it. First, let’s consider that I have extremely oily skin and I live in Puerto Rico. Which means I’m in a tropical weather where it can be without a single cloud in the sky and in the next 30 minutes it looks like a hurricane.


After all this is said, I was curious to see if it really works for my oily skin. I bought it in the shade 520 light, which I’m thinking is a little light for me *oops*.  It has light coverage but covers my redness really nicely.  Also, it has a faint scent but it fades when you apply it, I don’t notice any scent.

7am: Freshly applied, nothing else on.
8am: All makeup done.

Around the 2 hours mark after I applied it, the bb cream had rubbed off my nose because of my eyeglasses. Which is normal with every bb cream, cc cream or foundation.

1pm check-in: Shiny forehead but not extremely oily as I tend to get.


Like 2 to 3 hours after the last check-in, my t-zone was extremely oily.  And by 11pm, the bb cream was starting to break up in my cheek area.   Overall, this product stayed on well enough (it lasted through the tropical weather of Puerto Rico and my oily face).

I used it again today (the first impression test was yesterday) and I have to say that I’m satisfied with the results and staying power of this bb cream.  Covergirl, I’m excited to see what else is in the making.  Meanwhile, I’m going to try to get my hands on that new matte foundation (whenever it gets to Puerto Rico *sigh*).

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you either enjoyed this post or found it helpful.  If it was both, then that would be amazing.  Don’t forget to tell me your opinion/thoughts and what you would like me to review next.

Read you later *wink wink*.


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