Colourpop’s All Star Primer and Setting Spray-Are they good?

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I’m back with a new review! Today we’re going to talk about Colourpop’s All Star Matte+Blur Primer and Setting Spray.  According to Colourpop’s website, the primer helps “create the perfect canvas” because “it minimizes pores and preps and smooths the skin for better looking makeup”.  This primer has an “oil-free formula that will keep you fresh overtime”.  The All Star Setting Spray is said to “extend the wear of makeup by fighting oil and blurring pores”.  It also creates an “invisible barrier against melting, cracking, creasing or fading”.  The formula of this setting spray is also oil-free and alcohol free.

I must say I’m not a primer and setting spray lover.  In fact, I own one other primer that I don’t use because I find it doesn’t help me at all and the setting sprays I own don’t make much difference.  So naturally I was skeptical when I bought these products.  But I’ve been using them for a while now and I freaking LOVE them!

The primer has a lotion-like look, is white and sticky but not overly sticky and it applies clear (doesn’t leave a white cast like other primers).  It helps with keeping my oils at bay for more time than foundation alone.  Not a big fan of the scent but it goes away after application, so I don’t mind it.  As for the setting spray, it has the same scent and the product sprays nicely.  When I use both products together, my foundation lasts longer than usual and is looking good.  Obviously if I’m out and about in the heat all day, my foundation somewhat melts but not as fast/bad as when I don’t use primer+setting spray.

The All Star Matte+Blur Primer has changed my makeup game.  My face looks great all day long and the foundation applies smoother.  The All Star Setting Spray helps blend all powder products and it really helps my makeup looking like fresh applied for longer.

I highly recommend both products, primer and setting spray, as they made a difference on how my makeup wears.  Have you tried them or are you still thinking about it? What’s your go-to primer and setting spray? Let me know in the comments section.

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