1 Eyeshadow Palette, 7 Looks- Urban Decay Smoky

Welcome back!  Eyeshadow palettes are the one product that makeup companies just keep releasing.  We have new palettes every season, holiday, or just because they need to be as competitive as they can.  As consumers, it can be overwhelming to see and buy so many palettes but not quite knowing what to do with them.  Everyone has felt, at some point in their lives, that “What the heck do I do with it?” moment (I know I have).

For that reason, and the fact that I need to use my palettes before they expire.  I sat down for a few days with a notebook & pencil, and eyeshadow palettes.  Then created 7 looks (one for each day) for every palette I own (at that moment, there are new additions now LOL).  I must say, it was quite difficult to come up with 7 looks and hope they would actually look good and somewhat different from each other.

For the first 7 looks I planned, I used my Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette.  It was released in 2015 and it didn’t had the same awesome response as its other sisters (before and after).  It’s the only one I’ve seen that goes on sale at half the price so often (that’s how I got mine).  When it released, I fell in love with it but the reviews weren’t all good.  I saw lots of complaints about the fallout, pigmentation, blendability, colors changing when applied over other shades, and it been boring with lots of similar shades.

I’m going to be sharing pictures of the looks and the shades I used.

Look #1: Whiskey, Password, Armor, Thirteen, High
Look #2: Password, Black Market, Dirty Sweet, Thirteen, Dirty Sweet
Look #3: Combust, Whiskey, Radar, Thirteen, Dirty Sweet
Look #4: Combust, Dagger, High, Thirteen
Look #5: Password, Smolder, Slanted, Thirteen, High
Look #6: Password, Dagger, Black Marker, Armor, Thirteen, High
Look #7: Combust, Smolder, Thirteen, High

My favorite look was #7 which I kept wearing, and my least favorite was #3.

I can’t tell you if the other palettes in the Naked family are better because I just own this one.  But I love the Naked Smoky, yes it has fallout (as many other palettes do) and it has some blendability issues (as others do too).  Overall, is not a bad palette and I’ve always loved that smokey look.

What product, that the majority dislikes, is your favorite?


Let me know what you think!

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