Sleek Makeup “Bring On The Night” Holiday Set-Review

Hi guys!  Welcome back.  Today I have yet another review, but this time is for a holiday set.  I’ve seen Sleek Makeup products online but never imagined I would see it in my local Walgreens.  Yes, you read that right…At Walgreens!  You can imagine the dumb face I had when I saw various holiday sets at affordable prices from this brand.  Because I’m not a millionaire (sadly), I grabbed one that would give me a general idea of the brands’ performance.  For $25 I got the holiday set “Bring On The Night” which includes an eyeshadow palette, a blush trio and a highlighter palette.

Here are two looks I created using Sleek Makeup’s gift set. For more looks, go to my Instagram

Let’s start with the eyeshadow palette, as it was my least favorite.  I’m not saying it was bad, just a little hard to work with.  It’s a dry formula (not smooth/creamy), so I encounter some issues when trying to blend the shadows.  The color selection is full of cool tones/smokey shades with little matte (transition) colors.  Even the darker shades had some type of shimmer in them.  As for pigmentation, it was average because there’s a lot of building the colors and the shimmery shades needed to be applied with the fingers for a better color payoff.

Now, the blush trio is another story.  Colors are intense, soft, blendable and very pigmented (a little goes a long way).  The shades are not my typical choice, but I enjoy using them from time to time.

Finally, the highlight palette included 3 powders and 1 creamy formula.  The powders give an intense, kind of icy glow to the skin and tend to emphasize large pores/texture.  But the cream one gives you a less intense but more natural glow.

Overall, I think the holiday set is worth it.  Sure, the eyeshadow palette is a little hard to work with, but I love the smokiness.  Also, it got me interested in trying more products from Sleek Makeup.

What holiday set have you tried?


Let me know what you think!

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