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I’m back!

Hi guys! I’ve been away from the blog for a very long time, but I’m finally back. A lot has changed since the last time I wrote something here. We’re still in a pandemic and still using face masks (at least here in Puerto Rico). But I quit my job at the clothing store, I’m working at a supermarket, I moved in with my fiancé, and we adopted a dog.

The pandemic reached the US and its territories around March 2020. Basically everything closed down, except the essentials (hospitals, gas stations, supermarkets). I started working at the supermarket in July 31, 2020. The malls starting opening a few months later and I went back to my job at the clothing store in October 2020. I was working two job until May 2021 when I decided to leave the clothing store and stay at the supermarket full-time. I got tired of going back and forth, and the 8-hours a week at the store.

Around the same time I started working at the supermarket, I moved in with my fiancé (he was my boyfriend then). So I was juggling a new job and all the moving process from my mom’s house to the house I still live in. He decided it was a good time to ask me to marry him in September 3rd 2020 while we were dealing with the possibility that he could have been exposed to COVID-19. It was random, as in I didn’t expect it (especially at the time) but it was the cutest thing. I do think have any pictures (sadly) but if you want the full story, just let me know.

In May of 2021, we decided to adopt a dog. I say ‘we’ but in reality I was the one that REALLY wanted and dog and he just said “Okay” after months trying to convince him. I adopted my beautiful Aria from a rescue organization and it’s been crazy since then. I thought I was adopting a smaller dog until I saw her in person but there was no turning back. I was already in love with her and had everything ready to receive her (food, bed, toys). She’s one of the craziest dogs I’ve ever met but the craziest of the one I’ve owned. She’s a very friendly and VERY needy dog; she just wants the attention and affection of everyone she meets. Right now she’s almost a year old, destroys every toy, bed, or pillow you give her, and has no regrets.

Okay, I think this is long enough. I was thinking of doing a short post, like two paragraphs telling you I’m back. But this has almost turned into an essay. I’ve been thinking about coming back for a while now and never put the effort in it. Now I’m here and I’m planning on staying a while. We’ll go back to makeup related topics and maybe I’ll throw some life shenanigans here and there. Talk to you later, take care.

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Manteniéndome ocupada parte 2

¡Bienvenidos! Espero que estén bien y seguros. No olviden seguirme en las redes sociales:

Para el maquillaje del viernes, utilicé una paleta de sombras de tarte que obtuve en un “gift set” la Navidad pasada. Como hace tiempo no utilizaba un labial rojo, decidí desempolvar el labial líquido Infallible Pro-Matte de L’oreal en Matador. El resto del día lo perdí en Instagram viendo los nuevos lanzamientos de maquillaje y creando una lista de deseos (nada nuevo). También vi películas con mi hermana.

No utilicé maquillaje durante el fin de semana y me dediqué a comenzar un nuevo rompecabezas (2000 piezas). También le di un nuevo peluche a mi perro, el cual duró solamente 24 horas (triste por demás). Lunes fue otro día sin maquillaje que básicamente consistió de crear cosas con cuentas y tratar de progresar un poco con el rompecabezas (que parece imposible ahora mismo).

Martes fue un día para trabajar con cuentas (beads). Hoy no hice ejercicio, pero me apliqué maquillaje y me puse a trabajar con unas cositas hechas con cuentas para la joyería nueva que quiero hacer. Mi maquillaje consistió de sombras individuales de Colourpop y Maybelline. Luego trabajeten un nuevo proyecto utilizando un patrón/diseño que compré en una tienda Etsy (ChikaBeadwork). El porta-vasos no resultó perfecto, pero no quedó mal para ser mi primera vez. Comencé al mediodía, terminé a las 8pm y me duele las muñecas, la espalda y el cuello como loco.

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Keeping Myself Busy pt. 2

Hi guys! Hope you’re doing good and staying safe. Don’t forget to follow me on social media:

For Friday’s makeup I use an eyeshadow palette from a tarte gift set I received this past Christmas. I haven’t wear a red lip in a while, so I decided to use a L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte liquid lipstick in Matador. The rest of the day, I lost myself in Instagram seeing new makeup launches and creating a wish list (what else is new). Also, watched some movies with my sister.

I didn’t used makeup during the weekend and dedicated to start a new puzzle (2000 pieces). Also gave my dog a new plush toy, which only lasted 24 hours *sheds a tear*. Monday was another no makeup-day that basically consisted of me beading and trying to do some progress on the puzzle (which seems kind of impossible right now).

Tuesday was beading day for me. Today I didn’t work out but I put makeup on, and started working on some beaded bits for new jewelry I want to make. For my makeup I used some single shadows from Maybelline and Colourpop. Later, I tried a new project from a pattern I bought from an Etsy shop (ChikaBeadwork). The doily/coaster didn’t turned out perfect, but it wasn’t bad for being my first time. Started at noon, finished at 8pm and my back, neck, wrists hurt like crazy.

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Keeping myself busy

Hi guys! Hope you’re staying safe, healthy and indoors. Don’t forget to follow me on social media:

Puerto Rico has been under a 2-week quarantine/curfew for the past week and half. Because I work in a clothing store, I’ve been home doing nothing. But this week I’m trying to have some kind of routine to keep me sane.

How’s your city/country dealing with COVID-19? What have you been up to? Let me know in the comment section.

I always wake-up early, so I decided that I would get out of bed and apply makeup. Having my makeup done helps me feel better and motivates me to get stuff done.

On Monday, I did my makeup using the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics and Rimmel Magnif’eyes Thunderstorm Edition eyeshadow palettes. Used Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift mascara in Very Black. Lip combo was Jordana Easyliner for lips in Rock N’ Rose, NYX Lingerie Push-Up long-lasting lipstick in Lace Detail, and Colourpop Lux Gloss in Come Thru. Still trying out the Maybelline Cheek Heat Creme Blush in Nude Burn. Then worked on the blog post that’s going up on Saturday.

For Tuesday’s makeup I used Colourpop x Kathleen Lights So Jaded eyeshadow palette with Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift mascara and a light coat of L’oreal Bambie Eyes mascara on top. For lips, used NYX butter gloss in Praline. Then went to work with beads and made some cute chicks.

On Wednesday, I used the So Jaded eyeshadow palette again and Covergirl Lash Blast Active mascara. Used a new brow product, so don’t judge them too harshly. I used L’oreal Micro Ink Pen in Dark Brunette. Continue working on more beaded chicks and tried to finish a puzzle.

Today (Thursday), I woke up early as always, got my activewear on and walked/jogged for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Did laundry, washed almost all my makeup brushes and took a shower. Put my makeup on and continued doing laundry. Used Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Shiny and an Ipsy sample of tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara. I think that today my brows look a bit better than yesterday, as I used the Micro Ink Pen from L’oreal again. On the lips, I applied a small amount of another Ipsy sample of theBalmJour Creamy Lip Stain in Salut!

Those are the highlights of this week so far. Officially the quarantine/curfew has been extended for 2 more weeks here in Puerto Rico. I kinda liked doing this, although I wanted to write less days (one or two). Let me know your thoughts on this life-related post, in addition to the weekly beauty/skincare posts.

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Manteniéndome ocupada

¡Bienvenidos! Espero que estén seguros, saludables y dentro de sus hogares. No olviden seguirme en las redes sociales:

Puerto Rico ha estado bajo una cuarentena/toque de queda por la pasada semana y media. Como trabajo en una tienda de ropa, he estado en casa haciendo nada. Pero esta semana he tratado de tener algún tipo de rutina para mantenerme tranquila.

¿Cómo está tu país/ciudad trabajando con el COVID-19? ¿Qué han estado haciendo ustedes? Déjenme saber en la sección de comentarios.

Siempre me despierto temprano, por lo que decidí que saldría de mi cama rápido y me aplicaría maquillaje. Este proceso me ayuda a sentirme mejor y me motiva a hacer algo (en vez de quedarme en la cama todo el día).

El lunes, me maquillé utilizando las siguientes paletas de sombras: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics y Rimmel Magnif’eyes Edición Thunderstorm. Utilicé el rímel the Falsies Lash Lift de Maybelline en Very Black. En los labios tengo esta combinación: delineador de labios Easyliner for lips de Jordana en el tono Rock N’Rose, labial de larga duración de NYX Lingerie Push-Up en Lace Detail, y el brillo labial Lux Gloss de Colourpop en Come Thru. Sigo probando el rubor en crema Cheek Heat de Maybelline en Nude Burn. Al terminar mi maquillaje, me puse a trabajar en el post que será publicado el sábado.

Para el maquillaje del martes utilicé la paleta de sombras So Jaded de Colourpop en colaboración con Kathleen Lights. Así como una combinación del rímel the Flasies Lash Lift de Maybelline y el rímel Bambie Eyes de L’oreal. Para los labios usé el brillo labial de NYX en Praline. Luego me fui a trabajar con cuentas e hice unos lindos pollitos.

El miércoles usé la paleta de sombras So Jaded nuevamente y el rímel Lash Blast Active de Covergirl. No juzguen mis cejas mucho, mi defensa es que utilicé un producto nuevo. Este fue el Micro Ink Pen de L’oreal en Dark Brunette. Continué trabajando en los pollitos de cuentas y traté de terminar un rompecabezas.

Hoy (jueves) me levanté temprano como siempre, me puse mi ropa para hacer ejercicio y caminé en la trotadora por 30 minutos. Lavé ropa y casi todas mis brochas de maquillaje, luego me di una ducha. Me maquillé y continué lavando ropa. Usé un Super Shock Shadow de Colourpop en Shiny y una muestra (Ipsy) del rímel lights, camera, lashes de tarte. Creo que hoy mis cejas lucen un poco mejor que ayer, utilicé nuevamente el Micro Ink Pen de L’oreal. Me apliqué en los labios una pequeña cantidad de otra muestra (Ipsy) del Creamy Lip Stain de the BalmJour en Salut!

Esta es Brandy, mi güimo/conejillo de india, que tiende a hacer lo que quiere.

Esto es lo ha destacado de esta semana, hasta ahora. Oficialmente nos extendieron la cuarentena por 2 semanas más aquí en Puerto Rico. Déjenme saber sus opiniones sobre continuar con este tipo de post, en adición al semanal sobre belleza/cuidado de la piel.