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Clothing and Makeup Haul

Hi guys! Hope you’re doing good. I’m going to share my recent purchases during this long quarantine. I’ve bought from JCPenney, Skechers, Juvia’s Place, and e.l.f. Cosmetics. // ¡Hola! Espero que estén bien. Voy a compartir lo que he comprado recientemente durante esta larga cuarentena. He comprado de JCPenney, Skechers, Juvia’s Place, y e.l.f. Cosmetics.

Let’s start with the clothing and shoes department. At JCPenney’s website I bought exercise apparel from Xersion (tank top and a capri pant). Also got a short-sleeve tee from the Juniors department. // Comencemos con el departamento de ropa y zapatos. En la página web de JCPenney compré ropa para hacer ejercicio de Xersion (camiseta y un pantalón capri). También una camiseta manga corta del departamento de Juniors.

From the Skechers’ website I got a pair of Bobs Plush with cute dogs all over it. And from JCPenney, a pair of black sneakers (Nike Downshifter 10). // De la página web de Skechers compré un par de Bob’s con lindos perros. Y en JCPenney, un par de tenis negros (Nike Downshifter 10).

As for makeup, I bought some eyeshadow palettes. Took advantage of Juvia’s Place sale a few weeks back and got a bundle of the Warrior palettes (one, two and three). Also made an order on e.l.f. Cosmetics website and got all the bite-size eyeshadow palettes (can also be found on at Ulta). Got some extra bits too: a lipstick, glitter jar and an eye brush. // En cuanto al maquillaje, compré algunas paletas de sombras. Aproveché la venta de Juvia’s Place hace algunas semanas y compré un “bundle” de las paletas Warrior (uno, dos, y tres). También hice una orden en la página web de e.l.f. Cosmetics y compré todas las paletas de sombras “bite-size” (pueden conseguirlas en Ulta). Compré unas cositas adicionales: un lápiz labial, un frasco de brillo (escarcha), y una brocha para ojos.


7 Looks, 1 Palette-Colourpop It’s My Pleasure

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I’m back with this series where I show you seven eyeshadow looks with just one palette. This time I’ll be using the It’s My Pleasure palette from Colourpop. Which is part of their monochromatic palette range.

The shades are beautiful and pigmented. If you combine it with a neutral palette, the looks will be more different between each other. I love this palette, but not for everyday use. Unless purple eyeshadow doesn’t clash with your outfit.


7 Looks, 1 Eyeshadow Palette-Pérsona Identity Palette

Hi guys! Welcome to another post on the serie “7 Looks, 1 Eyeshadow Palette”, where I show you 7 different eye looks using only one palette. For this one, I’m showing you what a came up for the Identity palette from the brand Pérsona. This palette retails for $32 and includes 12 shades (6 mattes and 6 shimmers). It’s quite neutral and that makes it perfect for an everyday use (if you like neutral looks, of course). The formula of the shadows is amazing, real pigmented with butter-like softness. Now let’s get started with the makeup!

Image result for persona identity palette

Here are the looks I created

Charming, Maverick, Bombshell, Sassy, Humble.
Audacious, Maverick, Goddess, Sassy, Humble.
Audacious, Fearless, Bossy, Goal Digger, Humble.
Charming, Maverick, Goal Digger, Sassy.
Maverick, Chic, Seductive, Sassy, Humble.
Chic, Fearless, Sassy, Goal Digger, Humble.
Audacious, Fearless, Chic, Bombshell, Humble.

I tried to use all the colors, so you could see them. Tell me which combinations you like making with this palette.

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7 Looks, 1 Eyeshadow Palette-Dream St. Colourpop X Kathleen Lights

Hi guys!  How are you doing?  Welcome to another post about 7 eye looks I created using only one eyeshadow palette.  This time I used the Dream St. palette by Colourpop X Kathleen Lights.  This palette was Kathleen’s first collaboration with Colourpop.  It released last year (December 2017), retails for $16 and has 12 eyeshadow colors.

The shadows are buttery-soft and with great pigmentation.  There is some kickback but I’m not bothered since they blend like a dream (no pun intended).  There are many looks that can be made with these beautiful shades.

Here are the eye looks I created

Shooting Star (#1, first row), Potion (#3, second row), Elfish (#2, third row), Sweet Dreams (#1, second row), Kaleidoscope (#1, third row), Moony (#3, third row).
Potion (#3, second row), Elfish (#3, second row), Star Dust (#3, first row), Kaleidoscope (#1, third row), Moony (#3, third row).
Potion (#3, second row), Water Bearer (#2, second row), Moony (#3, third row), Kaleidoscope (#1, third row).
Potion (#3, second row), Elfish (#2, third row), Spark (#4, second row), Moony (#3, third row).
Shooting Star (#1, first row), Elfish (#2, third row), Twinkle (#4, first row), Moony (#3, third row).
Potion (#3, second row), Water Bearer (#2, second row), Mermaid Boy (#4, third row), Kaleidoscope (#1, third row).
Magical (#2, first row), Potion (#3, second row), Kaleidoscope (#1, third row), Moony (#3, third row).

Bonus look!

Shooting Star (#1, first row), Water Bearer (#2, second row), Kaleidoscope (#1, third row), Moony (#3, third row).

Let’s talk in the comments! What eyelooks would you do?